Our Partners

Amakhala Game Reserve

Come experience the warm hospitality of the settler family descendants who run The Heritage Collection of Game lodges, and you may discover some of our little “secrets”, like the prehistoric bushman burial ground, or the site of Africa’s most ancient dinosaur fossil finds.


Field Guides Association of Southern Africa – It is a non-profit organisation representing individual field guides, trackers, and organisations involved in offering professional field guiding services to members of the public.


CATHSSETA conducts its activities within the culture arts, tourism, hospitality and sports sector which comprises the following sub-sectors: Arts and Culture, Hospitality, Gaming and Lotteries, Conservation and Tourists, Sports/Recreation/Fitness, Tourism, and Travel.

National Department of Tourism

Tourism is poised to play a greater role than ever before, both on the global stage and in the lives of South Africans. However, tourism is about much more than the policies, statistics and objectives that we often talk about. It is about people.

Chipembere Rhino Foundation

The Chipembere Rhino Foundation is a privately run, non-profit organization committed to assisting in the protection and conservation of Africa’s rhino.This once highly endangered species, whose total population in the early 1950’s amounted to fewer than 500 animals as a result of the pressure of poaching has clawed its way back thanks to a small yet dedicated team of conservationists.

Scorpion Adventures

Scorpion Adventures is owned and run by Jonathan Leeming, Southern Africa’s foremost expert on Southern African spiders and scorpions. With over 25 years of studying these amazing creatures, no one else can offer such insight into the private lives of Southern African arachnids. For courses, field guide training, UV torches, field trips, training manuals and private events, free downloads and more, visit www.scorpions.co.za

Savannah Guides Limited

Savannah Guides is a not-for-profit member-based organisation. Its members form a network of tour guides and tour operators with in-depth knowledge of the natural and cultural environments across Australia’s vast tropical savannahs. Training and professionalism are fundamental to Savannah Guides’ operating philosophy. Savannah Guides Ltd was established in 1988 by emerging tourism operators to provide high quality, sustainable visitor access to unique natural features.

Law of the Wild

Law of the Wild is committed to protecting and conserving nature across the globe. Our team members have decades of experience and have dedicated their lives to saving the planet. Using our expertise in law, policy, and science, we combat poaching, enhance legislation, and create protected areas. Law of the wild has agreed to act as Ulovane’s fiscal sponsor. They will take on the responsibility of receiving and administering charitable contributions on behalf of Ulovane.

Wilderness Foundation Africa

Umzi Wethu is an accredited vocational training programme which prepares youth for positions in the conservation and hospitality industries. It not only provides accredited training for previously disadvantaged youth, but ensures that graduates enter the working world with hands-on experience and resilience to further themselves in their respective fields.

Global Humane Conservation Fund of Africa

Involving local communities in conservation efforts and raising awareness globally about conservation challenges and solutions for active participation.