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Change your perspective, change your life

Change of perspective

We completed our second week of trails, in the glorious sunshine.  We walked through different areas and vegetation types on Amakhala game reserve every day. It has been epic!

Through the days of walking, we changed the roles we play during the bushwalk. Some students are participants, and one will be the second rifle to help the instructor.  To be placed on second rifle and be given the responsibility of keeping the people behind you alive is suddenly on your shoulders so you need to change your perspective regarding a bush walk to make sure that you can fulfil that duty!  You need to use every one of your senses, you need to focus. On the last day, we sat at a watering hole and 10 minutes became 3 hours! We just sat and appreciated the smaller things; that we tend to often miss. That changes your perspective of the natural environment and shows you how much we tend to miss. Tracks, butterflies, clouds, the comings and goings of different antelope, the birds, the wildflowers, we absolutely loved this.

 Overall it was a successful week. We encountered some rhinos and lions on foot which was quite amazing!! We heard the male lion eating 40m away, cracking bones, and as you stand there, you realize that on these grounds, you are not as powerful as you might have thought. Everything in nature is so special and unique, it is up to us to change our perspective and appreciate every little creature, every moment, and every opportunity we have to learn more. Amazing experience at Ulovane ❤️Ruan 

“You should never have a negative outlook when you have so much to be positive about. Change your attitude and watch your life turn around.”― Germany Kent

The past 5 weeks and flown by and I have enjoyed every single moment of the Apprentice Trails Guide course! I joined Ulovane for the 10 Week Field Guide course and decided to stay on for the Trails and I will be joining the Marine Guide course – so excited!! I have learned so much not only about nature but also about life, my mental capabilities, and a lot more. Trails taught me how to respect nature differently and certainly how to respect the big animals. Trails taught me about not quitting and always pressuring myself to continue. Trails taught me about being fair to yourself, others, and the animals. Trails taught me about discipline and doing stuff with all your effort and attention. Basically, trails at Ulovane taught me a lot. Trails also gave me a lot of exciting and good memories. Two of those I would like to tell you about. ARH:Advanced Rifle Handling was something new for me. Came here without ever firing anything. I had to be taught everything. We began the training with an air rifle and then continued to a .375 with an impressive recoil. This was definitely something new for my shoulders as well :). Then after preparing, assessment day came. Running good practice rounds beforehand but totally failing on the assessment. This was hard…… Luckily Piet (trails instructor) thought I was able to do it. So we arranged another day when the two of us could try it again. We both smashed it. After the last exercise, there was a joy within which felt amazing (together with the adrenaline ;)).

Animal encounters on foot:

We have had some amazing encounters on foot. Elephant bulls, one even followed us. The elephant herd, which is so impressive to see moving almost towards you on foot. Lionesses looking curiously at you. Male lion feeding on a kill in the bushes and only hearing him but not seeing him. Hippo’s hiding in the water as we only could hear them at first and later saw their head popping out. Buffalo’s moving in big herds close by with a fast tempo, and then you totally lose them out of sight, so amazing that they can hide and move that fast that well. Rhinos with calves and in big groups grazing and not knowing that you are there. Watching them totally in their natural behavior. 

I had such a fantastic time on the trail course. Seen, learned, and experienced a lot!

Thank you to the Ulovane Team!

  • Tos“Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith first. The trust part comes later.”― Man of Steel

Where to begin?  The whole of the trail course was really one to remember.  I discovered so much about nature and myself.  My most outstanding moment in this course was my first experience with the giraffe on foot.  It was really amazing seeing these majestic animals on foot.  I found a whole new love for giraffe and their behavior.

  The tracking assessment was really a lot of fun for me and I really developed a passion for tracks and signs.  It was fascinating going out and finding some tracks to identify.  Every track we found told an interesting story, it was a captivating experience. I learned a lot about the behavior of the big 5 animals and lots of new information about nature-related things in general. During the apprentice trails guide course, I learned that nothing is impossible.  I completed my PFTC (The three PFTC, unit standards that must be achieved, to allow me to competently use a rifle for business purposes in the eco-tourism industry) and I achieved my level 2 in track and sign.  I never thought that I would accomplish something like that, it feels so good, I am so proud! I also learned that I do really well in the theoretical components of the course and loved every minute of it. 

 This course was really a good one to remember and the memories will always stick with me.On to the Marine Guide course, super excited to explore the ocean and all her magic! – Kim

Passion is the overwhelming feeling, the burning desire, the drive that ultimately creates change. It is the total belief in yourself and your abilities that nothing can stop you.” Diane Matyas