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Ulovane Update: January Semester Final Week



Marine Guides Week 4

Maurice has come to the end of a six-month journey here at Ulovane, having done Apprentice Field and Trails guide courses, and ending off with the Marine guide course. He has written an account for you all to enjoy on his time here over the last six months!

These are indeed some special times, and it has been a surreal last few months; my journey complete, yet only beginning. Emotions flood in as I sit and drink my last morning coffee on Ulovanes deck overlooking the spectacular Amakhala Game Reserve. As has the view changed, so has my outlook on life been changed by the energy and effort of all the beautiful people at Ulovane.

To provide a tangible example; had the COVID19 Lockdown taken place six months ago I truly would be rather panicked about what to do for a whole 3 weeks, but instead, I look forward to the opportunity to spend a whole 3 weeks with loved ones, family, a friend or just simply reflect by myself. I truly feel that these interesting times are the beginning of something special, an opportunity for us as a human race to reflect on where we have been, where we stand today and where do we see ourselves in the future, a turning point …. A new beginning?

In making this link, is somewhat what the last six months were for me. After 15 years in the corporate environment slaving away to keep the board members smiling, I decided to follow my dreams. I packed up my life and headed to my new home, Ulovane. Strolling onto campus you walk out onto the deck and wow the view grabs you and you’re hooked. Wow, what a place! And so it begins…….. Metamorphosis ……. I really had no idea what awaited me, probably a good thing as there were tough days ahead.

10 weeks of Apprentice Field guides, 7 weeks of Apprentice Trails guides, and 4 weeks of Marines brings me to this point; changed as I said before, but for the better indeed. I met loads of new people, loads of good people and of course got to enjoy loads of nature’s beauty. There were peaks and trials for us all and we all conquered a fear or aforethought and came out on the other side, each changed, and each changed for the better. As a group we laughed, we cried and we fought as would any family. Some parting ways at Field guides others at Trails, and now finally at the end of Marines, we say goodbye one last time.

I sat and scrolled through every photo taken and shared over the last six months and got flashes of what we looked like, and what we have become. Thank you, to each one of you for your patience in my metamorphosis but also that I could observe the metamorphosis of you all. All the best of luck over the coming weeks and if you are at all bored flick through the photos and I am sure a smile or a laugh is soon to follow.

The biggest thank you to all of you at Ulovane, our new family, thank you for your love, patience, and understanding and above all the respect that you have provided us with, we have started our new beginnings, and we trust that the future will bring great things for us all.


“Butterflies can’t see their wings. They can’t see how truly beautiful they are, but everyone else can. People are like that as well.”―Naya Rivera